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Probably ‘Oh, shit.’The next day we drove into town. I couldn’t tellthe difference, could have told my friendsbut didn’t, just made lots of dead baby jokesand went to bed in your dorm room.While maybe not the most perfect love story that comes to mind, there’s something contemporarily familiar about the world in which it takes place: reading Haruki Murakami out loud together, shopping at Good Will for a fish-printed pillowcase, smoking weed, and telling fairytales.While they don't fight Val makes several jabs at Annelyse in Book 2. Kenna can pursue Annelyse as a love interest based on the player's choices.

In the first chapter of Book 3, it is revealed by Azura, Empress of Ducitora that despite her somewhat naive and materialistic personality, she is a fair and generous ruler.

The two play a game of Two Truths and a Lie in which they share their first kiss.

In Book 2, Chapter 3, Annelyse aids Kenna's wounds when she is burned by Dominic.

Annelyse usually picks Kenna up when she's feeling down as seen in the final chapter of Book 2, where Kenna questions whether or not she is strong enough to face her people after losing Dominic, Annelyse assures her that she is the strongest person she knows and that she has faith in her.

In the same chapter Kenna cheers Annelyse up during the party when she questions her own strength.

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