Beastialty chat room

The forum rules are both extensive and heavily enforced.This can lead to the odd spectacle of someone’s description of sex with a dog being moderated so the word “f*****” is starred out.It’s clear that most members consider themselves capable of having romantic feelings toward an animal. I am going to go hug her.” Many experienced members offering advice on bestiality counsel building a relationship with the animal before embarking on anything more carnal.In fact, many feel that they are only capable of having romantic relations with a dog, as illustrated by this post made by jamagh. In the memorial thread, a place dedicated to deceased animals, the strength of the bonds members have formed with animals becomes apparent.“Everytime I have fallen in love with a woman, I have had it thrown back in my face. “Two days ago I held my best friend and my first lover in my arms as he closed his eyes and kissed away my tears for the very last time.She has either ignored it, used me, or just walked all over me. After 12 amazing years my Doberman was taken from me by age and cancer.What is remarkable about these websites is how many people seem to be active on them, and the horrific scale of the animal abuse described in such cold terms by posters, including graphic details of animal anatomy.Another common theme in the forums are warnings about the about the dangers of pursuing carnal canine relations.

All members have access to limited amounts of Beast Forum’s pornographic content, but by paying to upgrade their membership, users can gain increased access to a vast repository of animal porn, as well as access to what is claimed to be the biggest bestiality chat room online.

There is a since [sic] of helplessness and uncertainty, a since of violability that comes with being tied.” While dogs are the most frequently discussed animal, members of Beast Forum lust after a diverse array of creatures. four-legged mammals appear to be the most common fantasy.

There is extensive discussion about all of these animals, ranging from the mundane to the terrifying “Nastystallion’s Guide”, which aims to prepare forum posters for sex with horses.

For instance racoolman warns about aggressive natured dogs.

“An aggressive natured canine may not be the best type of canine to try to tie with.

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