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Poor in-door air is a global problem, and not limited to only locations with outdoor pollution issues.

A sub-optimal indoor environment affects our productivity, and an organization’s efforts in the global war for talent.

Based on techniques like block-chain and cryptology, Xiaomi marketing data chain are trying to maximize the efficiency and value of data asset through marketing data collaboration.

With user privacy and data safety guaranteed, Xiaomi and its partners (advertisers, advertising agency, and variety data sources) are exploring application scenarios of data chain like data onboarding, user tag verification, and Ad fraud detection.

Mohammad is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Apple and a Lecturer at Stanford University.

Prior to joining Apple, he worked for Samsung, Bosch, General Electric Research and UCLA on predictive modelling projects. Mohammad is also the author of the book, "Applications of Mining Massive Time Series Data.

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Given the buzzword "Artificial Intelligence" started to permeate the financial service industry in recent years, right after another buzzword "Data Science", lots of banks and insurance companies across the world have been trying hard to catch up the trend of adopting A. The more talking to the market vendors, the more one would realise that a magical off-the-shelf Jarvis has not been ready for each vertical industry. In this presentation, I am to share some of my learnings in applying home-brewed A. In his career, he managed multiple data sharing agreement among multiple institutions and led to triple digit uplift in financial KPIs.

Similar technology/approach can be adapted in other domains; an example, showcased.

Reaction of market towards analytics and the pace of growth of Analytics is discussed.

While big data adoption in financials is still at a relatively early stage, it is important to note that banks, insurers, and asset management firms represent some of the most advanced big data users in the world.

2018 will be a greater focus on use cases and an expanding uptake on the application of big data technologies in financial services.

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