Bulgarian chat

My name is Kiril Tanev and I am from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, but have been living in Veliko Tarnovo for over 20 years. My university education was in Bulgarian Philology and i have been teaching ever since.

I started off teaching English to Bulgarian students in the 1990s but as more and more foreign students came to Bulgaria and the popularity of Bulgaria increased there was more people wanting to learn our language.

I have also taught Bulgarian to Bulgarian students in the university here in Veliko Tarnovo 'St. My academical interests are the theory and practice of teaching Bulgarian as a second language, Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Intercultural Education, Linguistic Culturology.

Express yourself freely in any situation, be able to work in a Bulgarian professional environment and capable of immersing yourself completely in the Bulgarian way of life.

300 lessons make up the standard 9 month course - but programmes are student flexible meaning you can take more or less, depending on your chosen pace of study.

This course consists of 10 lessons and you can take the lessons to suit your timetable.

Ideal if you are planning on staying in Bulgaria for any significant period of time.

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