C wpf listview not updating

I have spend a lot of time on Stackoverflow and i know there are many related questions but i could not find answer .Whats bugging me is that , if it works when i add values in the constructor then why it doesnt work if i add values in the some method .EDIT: I initially used Content Template but changed this to Data Template based on suggestions, however it still is not updating The XMAL for my Main Window is This will update Selected Process within my View Model with either "Expense Reserve Automation" or "Financial Close Status" I know the Data Context is set correctly for my View Model (but may not be for the Content Control) as I am able to update lbx Progress with new messages and update txt Run Time with the application Run Time However when I change the selection on lv Process Selection nothing happens; the default controls of ERAFile Select remains.Could anybody point me in the right direction on how to solve this?When an object is added to or removed from an observable collection, the UI is automatically updated.This happens because, when binding to an observable collection, WPF automatically adds a The Observable Collection is already bound to the Listview.

I'm setting this Items Source of the List Box programmatically: When I initially set the Items Source, the List Box (which is not visible at the time) gets its items set.An Observable Collection is a dynamic collection of objects of a given type.Objects can be added, removed or be updated with an automatic notification of actions.Please refer to MSDN for more information about this common interface: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.componentmodel.inotifypropertychanged(v=vs.110)Every view model/model that you bind to must implement this interface and raise change notifications for any target value in the view to be updated.So far in this tutorial, we have mostly created bindings between UI elements and existing classes, but in real life applications, you will obviously be binding to your own data objects.

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