Dating china culture

It’s a self-imposed criteria – she can always find a mate,” Li says.

He says that the better educated a woman is, and the more economically well off, the higher the standards she will set.

says it has 120 million registered users, and new users join the dating platform at a rate of 40,000 to 50,000 a day.

For example, if a woman is interested in a man, but doesn’t want to appear to come on too strong by asking serious questions about the future, she gets her matchmaker to do it.According to figures released recently by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the “crude divorce rate” – which measures the number of separations for every 1,000 people in China – doubled in the decade through 2016 from 1.46 to three.The number of couples who actually divorced last year rose 8.3 per cent from 2015 to 4.2 million – and the trend is expected to continue.Li has studied the relationship between a member’s monthly salary and how many winks they receives.“You can almost very accurately calculate for every 1,000 yuan salary increase how many more winks he will receive,” he says.

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