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This means spending regular time together as a couple and checking in with each other daily. If you’re upset about something in your relationship but avoid discussing it or find conversations about it to be nonproductive or hurtful, over time it will destroy your feelings of love for your partner.

Although all marriages have their ups and downs, when resentment, hurt and anger are ever-present, it is essential to address and resolve underlying issues.

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Among couples age 65 and older, ­divorces have tripled since 1990.Also, self-help books outlining how to have successful relationships can be useful. Science tells us that our brains have a negativity bias—that is, we’re most likely to notice things that are problematic.Although this vigilance serves us in terms of survival, it’s extremely detrimental in marriage.Divorce is viewed as an opportunity to redefine and refocus one’s life.Although the idea of getting a new lease on life might be appealing, there are good reasons to be cautious about ending a marriage later in life.

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