Dating in geneva

My 2016 project: i will print huge smiling faces and put them all around the appartement...

To feed my brain with something that i don't see on the streets of Switzerland.

valeria e, Mar 2, 2015 @ Reading this post is really awasome !

That's what makes you have to use your intuition a bit and feel your way through it. Otherwise just do your thing and enjoy life and when you see a girl you like when you are out and about go for it.

I grew up in the UK wher people didn't really date and it was all very awkward and a little unclear. Sandra H, Feb 27, 2015 @ hahaha this thread is fantastic!

It seems that Geneva has lots of single guys and single ladies but they don't meet ! I can just confirm the huge problem in social communication and lack of interaction among people in 2 different cantons in Switzerland. Scientificaly proven we as mammals need interaction, attachement...

How sad, maybe re-activiting this group would be a good idea for both frustrated males and females ;) margaux s, Mar 4, 2015 @ Hello everyone, as a single guy I like to meet nice, well educated, single ladies with good English language skills (sounds like a job spec ;-). Lidija H, Nov 10, 2015 @ so which man is a nice, brave man that takes on a challenge... For survival but also for a better quality of life!

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