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Recently, I sat in a meeting held by Secretary Shinseki.

The Secretary, Chief of Staff John Gingrich, and Deputy Secretary Scott Gould were being briefed on the state of VA’s claims backlog. Here’s the thing: We know we have a claims backlog. The hard work was obvious to me when Secretary Shinseki summed up the efforts to break the back of the backlog in terms I understand, Mexican food. Sitting on the side of the room, I smiled to myself.

The Secretary opened the briefing by reminding us that Veterans didn’t invent the process of applying for benefits. Now, not only is it our job to help Veterans navigate the current system, we must augment the system by bringing technological advances and business practices together in . As old school as the sentiment is, Secretary Shinseki nailed it—we are striving to bring Vets the whole enchilada: integrated technological systems that provide easy access to the benefits Veterans are entitled to, avoiding another claims backlog, and chipping away at the backlog that already exists.

Two weeks ago, VA released the Fast Track claims processing system (see note below regarding Fast Track).

Got questions about California’s jurisdiction over your child custody case?

Want to know whether or not the child custody case belongs in California or another state?

Parents sometimes ask whether this minimum timeframe can be satisfied after the custody proceeding is filed.

Unless the court has previously exercised temporary emergency powers, the answer is no.

Are you a Veteran that isn’t so excited about a web based system?Doctors will also have access to the system, taking the Veteran out of the role as middle man between care providers and VA.Physicians can fill out the forms and submit them online quickly and easily.There are several circumstances in which California can have jurisdiction to make child custody orders.Since the law on the subject can be complicated, we are going to break up this article into four different parts.

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