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The first time we met, three years ago, he asked me if I knew a good place to do Cross Fit.Today, when I ask him how the hospital’s been so far, the first thing he says is that there’s no Wi-Fi, he’s way behind on work emails.In a survey of care-providers at HIV clinics, one respondent told researchers: “It’s not a question of them not knowing how to save their lives.

And just like the last epidemic we lived through, the trauma appears to be concentrated among men.He won’t tell me the exact circumstances of the overdose, only that a stranger called an ambulance and he woke up here.Jeremy is not the friend I was expecting to have this conversation with.In a survey of gay men who recently arrived in New York City, suffered from anxiety or depression, abused drugs or alcohol or were having risky sex—or some combination of the three.Despite all the talk of our “chosen families,” gay men have fewer close friends than straight people or gay women.

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