Dating systems before christ

Israel once again being a nation-state in her covenant land is the top reason we can know the end is very near.However, that is not the only reason why we can know the Day of the Lord is near.Consequently, if God be true, we are now very near the end of the age or the Psalm would read differently.One nation already has a lifespan that averages over 79 years and scientists are working on many issues that will allow man to live even longer lives in the near future.From the understanding of other scriptures on these end time events, this covenant appears to be a brokered peace treaty.According to 1 Th 5 :3, at a time when “THEY (those that did not go in the Rapture) are saying peace and safety (most likely due to this brokered peace) the Day of the Lord will suddenly come upon “THEM” like birth pains.

I believe that there are some observable reasons that indicate that the Lord will return before 2050 AD: One sign is that Israel is a state in the Middle East.In the parable of wheat and the tares in Matthew chapter 13, Jesus gives us details about a future harvest of people on earth by the angels.This scripture indicates that the tares (satanic people) are gathered and burned up in the tribulation fires and the wheat (God’s people) are put in God’s barn.There are well-funded foundations working on ways to combine humans and machines. Some are saying that they will achieve singularity by 2030.They certainly expect to reach singularity before 2050.

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