Dating when you are fourty

In the beginning, the rails stopped at the former stagecoach stop of Austin Station.A large sawmill owned by Oregon Lumber Company was built beside the tracks at Austin.

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Or, if someone else is interested, they can find them at the Grant County Courthouse. Doc had moved in with Linda to help her, but it was probably the other way around. It was one thing Doc was unable to "borrow."In any case, Minot apparently wrote Linda that he wanted to come back and would be on a particular stage.

They had 12 foot wide bunks and were stacked close to 20 feet from the ground.

There were other sawmills in the area which were the Baker White Pine mill on Crawford Creek, the Stoddard Brothers Lumber Company, later becoming Stoddard Lumber Company, did a lot of logging in the local area, hauling logs on their own trains in to their mill in Baker.

This mill was owned and operated by Bill Eccles, a brother to David Eccles, owner of Oregon Lumber Company.

(NOTE: Anyone interested in learning more about David Eccles and his lumbering operations, you can click on the following link: David Eccles Lumbering History.

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