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Couple games are so romantic and the each game gives a chance to you create a love story.

You can even choose to dress the couples in matching clothing!

For example, you and your boy friend or girl friend are in a park or you go to picnic or skating, won’t it be perfect? While you are on holiday or while you are skating, fishing and walking in winter, you can imagine what you wears.

Beside these, in the special nights like Salsa and Christmas Eve, you can see how you are seen.

This game truly lets you dress up infinite possibilities. Tags: rinmaru - fantasy - elves - anime - male - couples - magicians - historical - asia - lolita - kimono - medieval - comics - harry potter - pirates @pupster61637 Senpai is a suffix used to refer to an upperclassman, while kohai refers to an underclassman.

Onii and onee are brother and sister respectively, and usually used to refer to an older sibling, but little kids often use them just to refer to older people who aren't adults. Those are the most common ones off the top of my head.

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