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Exceptions to this system exist — mostly when it comes to tertiary with several public universities and institutes coming under the purview of different ministries.

These divisions have led to a high degree of mismanagement and inefficiency over the years.

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In the first nine years most films were made in South India and followed the conventions of Indian cinema.

Studio shooting was the norm, with Indian style sets erected in film studios.

Sacrifice and eternal vigilance have always been the price of freedom.

Education in Sri Lanka has a history of over 2300 years.

It is believed that the Sanskrit language was brought to the island from North India as a result of the establishment of the Buddhism in the reign of King Devanampiya Tissa from the Buddhist monks sent by Emperor Asoka of India.

In 1945, Nayagam founded a company named Chitrakala Movietone and constructed a studio in Madurai, India for the purpose of making a Sinhala film.

Following the dawn of independence, Sri Lanka instituted restrictions on travel to and from India causing Nayagam to move his business into the island to cut costs.

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