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This includes registering, creating a profile, uploading photos, browsing 38 million singles, receiving matches, sending “winks,” and communicating in various ways.

Zoosk Coins are the site’s form of virtual currency, and these allow you to access more cool services.

In addition to letting you monitor your budget, Pocket Expense gives you the option of tracking your bills, and it even sends alerts when a payment due date is approaching.

Its calendar, which closely resembles that of the i Phone, is one of its best features.

This app uses the same security measures as banks and other financial institutions, which means your personal information should be well-protected.Zoosk, with their free trial and various other ways to save, isn’t one of them, though. ” is a question we get from readers all the time, and the answer is yes.That is, anyone, anywhere, anytime can sign up for a free Zoosk subscription, which will never expire.Good Budget splits your monthly expenses into digital “envelopes” for which you can choose the categories.It shows how much of the allocated money is left in each envelope after users plug in whatever purchases they’ve made throughout the week — which needs to be done manually because bank accounts can’t be linked to the app.

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    e Harmony is another massive player, with 3 million users signed up.

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