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In fact, my international travels are fewer now than even a year ago.But once or twice a year we enjoy lengthy telephone calls, and we make a point of seeing each other every couple of years.Truthfully, the visit reminded me of the old days in Saudi Arabia when I would lounge around with the princess in Riyadh, Jeddah, or in Monte Carlo, when we would endlessly discuss the painful lives many Saudi women lived, and the options available to her to bring positive change to her world. That was the period of time she decided that her story must be told, and that the world must hear for the first time how most women in Saudi Arabia lived under the total rule of their men.She knew then that few would know that even a princess was bound by heavy restrictions in Saudi Arabia.I had forgotten what it’s like to visit with the royals.They bring their habits with them when they leave the kingdom.There’s so much socialization and gaiety that after a week I had to insist upon a quiet time for the two of us to discuss the upcoming book.Thankfully, the princess was understanding and complied, telling her family to leave us alone for four hours a day.

Yet the status of women in Saudi Arabia remains uneven.

And so it came to pass that I was able to meet with the princess and several of her family members earlier this year.

We had not seen each other for nearly two years and so one week turned into two weeks and two weeks turned into three weeks.

Readers fell in love with a princess who pushed back against the men of her family and fought the restrictive society of Saudi Arabia.

Little did anyone in the publishing world imagine that millions of readers would embrace the story of one lone princess who was brave enough to tell the world how she, and other women in the kingdom were living.

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