Legal requirements for updating spcc

Attend this interactive and engaging session with environmental attorney Tamar Cerafici.Tamar presents a solid business case for updating your SPCC and FRP.She has been at the forefront of the industry in building regulatory and policy framework for a new generation of nuclear plants.She was a major contributor to the first Early Site Permit granted under 10 CFR Part 52, successfully implementing alternative site analyses that have become the general standard.In “worst case spills”, regulated entities should prepare for Facility Response Plans (FRP).

Noncompliance with SPCC can lead to enforcement actions and agency inspections.As an environmental lawyer, Cerafici has worked closely with legislators, regulators and owners to develop unique management strategies for hazardous materials, including high-level nuclear waste cleanup. The sole purpose of the Provider is to provide educational and informational content.The Provider does not provide legal services or advice, nor do the Presenters.Regardless of the classification, all SPCC plans must be prepared in accordance with the oil pollution prevention guidelines in the If the above Tier I SPCC requirements are met, an owner or operator may complete and self-certify plan template instead of a full Professional Engineer certified plan.Tier I class may also prepare an SPCC plan according to Tier II requirements.

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