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Jim hoped she would cum first so he could see her facial expressions as she came over his cock.

He mixed two old fashioned drinks, her favorite, and they toasted their new relationship and future. Julie's saliva was drooping from her mouth into his, as both felt the rise to their supreme moment. She slammed down on his pubes and ground desperately onto him. Jim could feel her body vibrating, her pussy clamping onto his cock, then releasing.

" Jim moved Julie slightly behind him, and kept a wary side eye on Red Sweater to his left. "What makes you think I'm gonna let my little girl friend here get involved with you?

They drove to his apartment in relative silence, stopping at hers to pick up some clothes and toiletries.

As Jim started toward her, she spied him and ran over. " Jim smiled, then picked her up and repeated the kiss, then kissed her neck and shoulder. Bill spent most of the summer teaching Jim how to avoid punches and blows, how to disarm an opponent, and how to manhandle guys quite larger than he. He let Julie into the middle of the bench seat, Susan on the outside.

" "Well...., he said if I didn't dance with him, he would force me to blow him, then he was going to fuck my tight ass! " He jumped into his 1984 Chevrolet pick up and sped the five miles to the club. He saw her near the dance floor with Susan, her back to a bulky guy who was glaring at her. Bill agreed on the spot to give Jim a bit of training to forestall future events like this. " He then repeated the hot kiss, sending his and Julie's hearts racing. " Without waiting for an answer, he walked with them out the door and to his truck. " It was famous far and wide for their gourmet pizza. Julie, without turning, asked, "What the hell just happened back there? "Well, let's see; I kissed my girlfriend, told her I loved her, and destroyed two visigoths attempting to sully her and her friend! Julie turned to him, "You kissed me like...a lover would!

If we're going to be lovers, we can't start by sleeping in separate rooms! I was kidding about the birthday suit; sleep in whatever you wish! They embraced in their nakedness, exploring each other with curious, passionate touches. " He turned to her and slid his erection against her wet pussy. "You're so hard...gonna fuck you, Brother, gonna make you my property, my very own stud. " By now she was fully engulfing his flesh, her ass resting on his sac.

" Julie was whimpering, and Susan looked as though she would faint. "Well, it's been a well-kept secret for years that I'm in love with my beautiful sister. I have to admit I was very shocked the first kiss, but then steeled myself and accepted the following ones for what you meant them to be." "And what do you think they meant?

Then, he felt the explosion quickly rise in his guts.

He watched her face contort in another massive cum.

Rumor was he had ended the life of several enemy who happened to get in front of him. Jim put his arms around the two ladies and asked, "Anyone hungry? I would be quite honored to be your one and only lover for all time!

Bill was a retired Marine, and had a reputation as a skilled martial arts professional. "Just letting everyone know I'm your boyfriend, who loves you very deeply! She had known these two since elementary school, and had never seen anything like the last few minutes. " "And now I think you had better latch onto this hunk before some Jezebel steals him!

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