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Why Fans Will Love It: The production and attitude screams summer jam, and it coins a new phrase for the hip crowd to hold onto. : When he was a kid, Jordan Davis used to sing songs (and sometimes make up songs) while his father played guitar. Half of this year’s 20 top-grossing films had female protagonists.When doing Shakespeare in the Park in the early 1970s, Cazale told fellow thespian Al Pacino that he’d “met the greatest actress in the world” when he first laid eyes on Streep.had a short and secret relationship during filming in 1987.This dream scenario is in fact a reality for these celebrities, who are coming into 2018, single, something-else-that-rhymes-with-single, and bilingual (shout out to Emma Watson).For these lovely ladies, Valentine’s day There’s been plenty of speculation on WTF Lindsay Lohan is doing in her new home of Dubai. Lindsay is working on at least five uniquely time-consuming projects, if her recent interview with W magazine is to be believed.Her speech was incredible, inspiring and thoughtful—a true highlight in a year filled with big moments.costar had had a three-month affair during filming.

He also bookends the chorus with the words, "," giving fans every opportunity to soak up the catchy phrase.Sarah Paulson’s relationship with Cherry Jones may not have been forever, but both actresses say they’ve remained friends.Jones, who is twenty-some years Paulson’s senior, is a two-time Tony Award winner."Black Panther" is still over a week away from its official release, but critics are already praising it as Marvel's best.It currently sits at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes out of 50 reviews, and critics especially love Michael B. When "Wonder Woman" opened to praise and box-office success last year, many said it was a step in the right direction for super hero movies to break barriers.

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