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Fortunately, there was plenty of time for a 'happy ending'. Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE Some chicks just won't follow the instructions - the "Jaded Genie" is out of the bottle and now Mz Ignorethewarning is gonna find out why she was put in there in the first place! There's another bad-ass genie on the loose in this weeks "Scrapz"! 'Cause inside there's a very "Jaded Genie" and she doesn't play well with others. Breena seems surprised but regroups for a re-soap in the "Combat Colosseum".They were set to put on another fantasy fight show at the club. Then high morals can't trump huge boobs and one preachy virgin is gonna lose it all in "Rough Treatment"! But things come down to earth in the "Combat Colosseum". "48" is all about the tongue lashing that one agent is taking - death by orgasm! Treachery and deceit are a girls best friend in "Princess Whore" - and these gals are masters!And even back-stage the action is HOT as two gals mix it up in the "Green Room". Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE Fresh from last weeks victory over Gummi, Nadia takes on a much smaller opponent this time.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer."Jamie Blonde" discovers that her assailants are just machines - then discovers that machines BLOW UP! and the undercover cops of "48" finally took out the hookers that they're supposed to replace for the big sting."Alley Catz" debuts with a couple of slim 'n supple kitties looking for their next meal. The clones are destroying the originals in "Total War" and NOW they reveal that they've all got "hidden weapons"! But once they're accepted and in the limo they find that replacing the hookers means taking on the hookers "duties"! The "Schoolgirl Brawl" continues with some vicious after school beatings and "Country Justice" wraps it up this week with a knocker knock out!As for me I fully intend to have (and wish for you) a .. Vanilla takes on Breena in a controversial bout that still starts arguments. "Princess Whore" marks a distinct change in tactics for both contenders. This week's episode ends in a brutal beating of a defenseless Jewell . "48" continues as one naked detective gets double teamed (the fightin' kind) while the other gets double teamed in an even more insidious way! The new contest in the "Hyper Sex Arena" starts with some real nasty fightin' moves but quickly shifts to some unorthodox pussy lickin' maneuvers. And finally this "Company Tradition" wouldn't last long these days. So this one goes strong to the very end but there must be a winner! "Jamie Blonde" can't take on two sex-bots in a fight. The "Combat Colosseum" takes a brief "re-oil" break but it doesn't last long and then they clash again! I mean, just look at all the guys get'n flamed over "improper sexual" behavior every day - then check out "Man's World". But luckily, the statute of limitations has expired and both pervs have faded into obscurity. Jimbo MEMBER & FREEBIE UPDATE Well, it's the night before Thanksgiving so here's some goodies to boost your appetite!But she's more than enough to take 'em one at a time! "Princess Whore" gets down to the carnage with Nika Noir vs. But their antics still resound in the halls of Catfight Central! The "Combat Colosseum" continues with Nadia working out her opponents perky boobs and "Princess Whore" contestants discover the cost of disobedience.

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