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There's also stripes along his shoulders to the arms, his ears and the patch of hair on his head.He refers to the stripe pattern as the "3-1-3" (each stripe has a specific meaning attached to a personal life events, such as starting a career, getting married, his lovers and so on).Now only the files you actually want to see or listen to will appear on your phone.

Although you are happy to see pictures of your cousin’s wedding, you are not happy to have them saved in your camera roll.All you have to do is tap each one and disable auto-downloads by unchecking all three options for images, audio and video.Open the app and tap the settings button in the bottom right corner.It was very bizarre."I am not really a fan of football to be honest."I always saw him having a go on the pitch whoever he was playing for."Mario Balotelli's representatives have been contacted for comment. He regularly attends charity events and even requests having others attend the events to help promote a positive image and bring further attention to the causes they will support.

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