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Epicurus - Greek philosopher; founded the system known as Epicureanism.

He studied with followers of Plato and Democritus before opening his school in Athens.

The school, later called the Garden, accepted women and slaves. Fragments from his most important work, Peri physeos (On Nature), were recovered from the charred papyri of Herculaneum, buried by an eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79.

He cured a plague at the Sicilian city of Selinus and claimed he was a god.Copernicus discovered the mathematically yet unproven heliocentric solar system.In his treatise, 'On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres' he postulated that the planets, including the earth, revolve around the sun, and that the earth revolved around its axis once every day.Issac Newton - English mathematician and scientist; developed theory of matter; first to demonstrate the color components of white light with a prism and the reconstruction of these colors into white light with a second prism; researched the optical characteristics of chemical substances; studied gravitation and motion; developed the law of gravitation.Ole Christensen Roemer - Denmark; was the first to show that the velocity of light is finite.

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