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Usually, girls like to glean a few inches here and there. And the fact that God was generous giving us extra inches doesn’t mean our biggest concern is to get noticed everywhere we go. Like me, they know they need to smile a lot when they meet new girls – #1.defusing – and like me, either they try to be witty to show they also have brains (something we have in common with the blonde ladies maybe) – #.2 anchor – or they do not yet have enough confidence and are most of the time reserved and quiet, looking like everything they’re not : stuck-up b*tches – #3. The first thing I would like to say to our shorter female fellows is that we generally feel bigger next to them than they feel small next to us. Those who seem to get vertigo when/if they wear heels! At 5, in kindergarten, the teacher put me in the back for the class photo. Because most of us have ALWAYS been tall, and believe it or not but it means A LOT. As far as I can remember, my extra inches have always been a way for others to single me out.

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In other words : that I should stop complaining about it. Or please stop looking at us as if we were some kind of ridiculous alien species. Because my brother is 5’10 and he seems shorter than you… Please stop considering us like threats or tigresses. What if they could send you help at any time of the day? That first year of college was rough, I definitely spent time crying after an entire day of seingly constant commentary and insulting remarks. I graduated from that college, then I went to and graduated from another college. That whatever you do, think, or say, someone is right there beside you, seeing and hearing it all? I got over being self-conscious about my height during my first year of college. During high school, no one called me names or picked on me for anything. I was nice enough, but I get the feeling they were secretly scared of me. I saw these same exact people EVERY FREAKING DAY, they knew who I was, i took classes with them, yet they somehow felt the need to identify me by my height in a derogatory or teasing way.

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