Teen dating emotional abuse

No parent wants to see their teen hurt, abused or manipulated.

It our basest instincts to step in and protect our children from harm.

The second prong is teaching your child how to handle harmful situations, instilling the confidence to recognize when they are being mistreated and the strength to walk away.

It can include psychological abuse, emotional blackmail, sexual abuse, physical abuse and psychological manipulation.

The Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence describes abusers as being obsessively jealous and possessive, overly confident, having mood swings or a history of violence or temper, seeking to isolate their partner from family, friends and colleagues, and having a tendency to blame external stressors.

Meanwhile, victims of relationship abuse share many traits as well, including: physical signs of injury, missing time at work or school, slipping performance at work or school, changes in mood or personality, increased use of drugs or alcohol, and increasing isolation from friends and family.

The abuser has woven a web over the victim, using words, physical abuse, threats or any combination of these.

The victim becomes an emotional hostage to the abuser.

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