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The scientific steering committee will also be selecting invited panel discussions, key note lectures and plenary sessions.

The recommended abstract length is between 385 and 500 words, excluding the title and authors' names.

WPATH advocates that appropriate gender recognition should be available to transgender youth, including those who are under the age of majority, as well as to individuals who are incarcerated or institutionalized.

WPATH recognizes that there is a spectrum of gender identities, and that choices of identity limited to Male or Female may be inadequate to reflect all gender identities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina Both WPATH as an organization and the field of transgender healthcare have grown to such a degree that a format change of the abstract submissions is necessary to provide the best educational experience possible for all attendees.

We are excited to be offering this new format based on feedback from the 24th Biennial WPATH Symposium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2016.

“They said it was a male dressed like a female that they found in the house,” neighbor John Rodgers said.

Police visited some nearby businesses in hopes surveillance cameras might have captured relevant images.

Police said they’re investigating both cases, and believe the two murders are unrelated crimes.

Rodgers said there are a lot of transgender women who work as prostitutes in the West Side area known as K-Town. Gooden’s body was found just three blocks away from where Paige Clay, another transgender woman, was found dead in April.

“In K-Town, it’s a lot of transvestites over there, and they do what they do. Clay, 23, was found shot and killed in an alley in the 4500 block of West Jackson Boulevard in the neighboring West Garfield Park neighborhood.

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