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As for actually dating these tachi/ neko, boyish/ femme Japanese lesbians it’s usually better to figure out who your type is before you go to an event because trust me people will ask you. I am femme and while I will like the occasional tom-boy, another femme is more my style.

I have a strong personality but I don’t like doing all the work when it comes to setting up dates etc (I like being chased too).

Although, like I said recently that is changing and you can add リバ to the list.

It’s short for “liberal” or even “reverse” it basically means that depending on the situation you can either be tachi or neko but it really doesn’t matter to you.

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As much as I hate using these terms it really comes down to who is the “man” or “woman” in the relationship.Until VERY recently you couldn’t not choose a side and if you were one you could only be with your opposite.Of course that might actually work for some people but for us westerners that have been brought up in households were our mothers worked as well and sometimes were even more successful than our fathers, it’s hard to imagine this sort of relationship being healthy.There are many boyish looking women who seem like they really should be lesbian or at the very least bi but are completely straight.In some ways this is nice because if you are boyish you won’t have to worry about being singled out and accused of being gay in a very negative way.

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