Who is natalie merchant dating

So the journalist was being smug and mean- spirited, while Natalie was saying these amazing things, trying to explain why she didn't want to waste the platform her album has given her by being cynical and ironic. Natalie can articulate and condense ideas that I've had but haven't been able to vocalise.

He is also executive producer of Todd Haynes' glam-rock film, Velvet Goldmine.Our first meeting was controversial - it's become something of a legend. Apparently, I handed her a paper bag, then wandered into the bathroom.I escaped through the window, but eventually I had to come back because Natalie had my bag. Even at the beginning of our friendship, I remember thinking that Natalie possessed rare knowledge.NATALIE MERCHANT: I met Michael 15 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, around the time that REM's Reckoning album came out.They were playing a benefit for an environmental group in a small club.

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