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We also routinely screen our daters for niceness with an emphasis on the feedback we see from fellow daters.

If we meet a dater who lacks manners - we'll politely say no thank you so you don't have to.

Daters will have a chance to talk for up to 7 minutes when a bell rings or buzzer sounds.

The speed dater progresses from table to table until each participant has had a chance to meet the other.

Where we felt other companies lacked or overdid, we have redefined.

Attracting a dater who doesn't settle and prefers a low key approach to meeting others.

FOLLOW UP: We had another wonderful dating event with a fun dance lesson and speed dating. Sign up for our newsletter and stand by for an update on the next event.

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Daters will be partnered up randomly and the instructor will rotate partners frequently.

In a little over an hour, each person will have several chances to potentially meet someone special.

After the event, the speed daters turn in their date cards to event organizers.

Those that tend to find the good in everyone and everything are just what our daters are looking for.

Our personal approach to Matchmaking offers a fresh alternative to contracts and commitments in Vancouver.

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